Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Keyword Research and Implementation for Toledo, Ohio Businesses

Keyword Research: The First and Most Vital Aspect of SEO

The Birth of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Keyword research is the scientific process that launches your SEO efforts.
Keyword research runs along this maturity cycle:

  • Keyword identification
  • Competitor research, and keyword expectation
    • Search Volume studies
    • Market Trend Studies
    • Semantic Studies
    • PPC Expectations
  • Keyword/Website Integration
  • Architectural Considerations
  • Finalization of Keyword Strategy
  • Keyword to Page Prioritization
  • Off Page Implementation
  • On Page Implementation
  • Initial Keyword Audit
    • Keyword Density Reporting
    • Keyword Distribution Reporting
    • Internal Linking Strategies

Keyword Submission for SEO

The most important part of any search engine optimization campaign is the development of your keyword strategy. We ask that you provide us a list of search phrases that you believe should lead your customers to the goods and services your Toledo, Ohio business provides. Once you’ve done this, our organic optimization team will evaluate your keyword suggestions against search volumes, market research, semantic strength, and sponsored advertising value to make a formal proposal for the optimization of your website.

The Scope of Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO Keyword Strategy will provide a framework for the basic organic optimization of your website. Once this strategy has been adopted, Webcasters will work with you to define project expectations, reasonable goals and deadlines. The process of SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. Nevertheless, rushing out of the gates with a fleet-of-foot SEO strategy is an essential part of the race. SEO is an opportunity for your Toledo, Ohio company to get ahead of your competitors.

SEO Maturation: From Keyword Strategies to Link Building to
Landing Page Optimization

The successful implementation of your keyword strategy is the foundation of every well-conceived SEO campaign. But for most companies, it’s only the beginning of a much longer, on-going process. Keyword implementation should be followed closely by a link building campaign, which itself is a necessary prerequisite for landing page optimization. Once the keyword strategy is deployed, these additional SEO techniques will work in concert with intelligent web design, a robust SEM campaign, and social networking strategies to create a fully-optimized site.

This process is designed to infuse your Toledo, Ohio area business with a new source of life: Internet-generated sales.