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What is SEO?

Perhaps you’re more familiar with the term ‘Internet Marketing’? Internet Marketing is a term that refers to the combined practices of SEO, web design, SEM, and, more recently, the amazingly powerful phenomenon of social networking. Each of these fields works in concert with the others to create a highly visible, highly-trafficked website. Internet marketing is about establishing an online presence for your Toledo area business.

Consumers in Toledo, as well as the rest of the world, seek information about goods and services by harnessing the power of search engines. But search engines are fickle creatures. Google’s search engine, for example, makes over 200 considerations to determine the relevancy and importance of your website to internet users. The more relevant and important your site, the more highly it will be ranked. High rankings typically translate into increased business.

SEO-search engine optimization–is the science of creating websites that will be given favorable treatment by search engines. You can’t expect to perform well on Google, Yahoo! and Bing without a fully optimized website. Smart companies understand the power of the internet, and these companies either employ an in-house SEO (search engine optimizer) or save money by outsourcing their SEO concerns to a third party. It’s not a question of whether one needs an SEO, it’s a question of which type of SEO best fits the needs of your Toledo, Ohio business. Because of the internet’s overwhelming popularity amongst consumers, search engine optimization is as necessary to your business as functioning utilities.

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How Are SEO and Web Design Related?

SEO and Web Design are both concerned with pleasing the same parties. Both sets of technicians want to create sites that are visually and informationally satisfying to the user. And they’re both concerned that search engines see your website as relevant–poorly designed websites can deter search engines from ranking your site. And, of course, web designers and SEOs want websites to increase the profit margins of the respective businesses they represent.

Web designers and SEOs work together to ensure that your website is working for you, generating sales leads and effectively converting web surfers to customers.

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Okay, I understand SEO and Web Design, but what about SEM?

SEM stands for search engine marketing, and it describes the process of creating a search-specific, paid internet marketing campaign. The amazing thing about search marketing is that it targets your audience based on their web use. Think of it this way: every time a web user visits a page or searches for information on the internet, they’re creating a highly qualified consumer profile. The search engines play matchmaker between the web user (based on their self-created consumer profile) and the paid marketing campaign you’ve created with our SEM team.

But your SEM campaign doesn’t depend merely on the intelligence of the search engines. A good SEM campaign, one that will help your business, will ensure that your advertising efforts are geo-targeted (we can micro target zip codes) and are only operational at the times you’ve stipulated. In other words, our SEM team will save you money by refining your advertising campaign to the habits of your market.

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The Hidden Benefits of SEM and SEO

Web design, SEO and SEM work together so that your Toledo business website works. This is a tremendous benefit to your company that will pay for itself in short order. But in order for our SEOs, SEMs, and web designers to achieve the best possible results, it’s necessary to research your market and your competitors. Have you wondered how, say, Ohio search traffic compares to Michigan search traffic? Or how much your competitors are spending on internet marketing? Or, simply, what words and tools they’re using to generate sales? Would you like to know if there are any emerging markets that relate to your product? Our SEO and SEM team will keep you abreast of these things, and many more aside. Market research and competitor research is part of the process of SEM and SEO. And it will help your Toledo business.

SEO in Nutshell

  • SEO – so that your website attracts traffic
  • Web design – so that your website is pleasing to visitors
  • SEM – identifying prospective customers based on their self-created consumer profiles
  • Market research – learn where your market is strongest, and how to get ahead of the curve
  • Competitor research – learn how your competitors market themselves on the net