Search Engine Optimization (SEO): An Inescapable Reality

SEO: Because the Internet Revolution is Just Beginning

SEO: Like Sales, It’s a Numbers Game

The largest number with a name is a Googolplex, and the phonetic similarity of Googol to Google is not an accident. For those keeping score at home, a Googolplex is 1 followed 10,100 zeros. This has everything to do with SEO. How does your Toledo, Ohio business relate to the Googolplex?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website gain traction with search engines;  SEO is the scientific process of increasing the visibility of your website. When Google–the world’s most powerful search engine and a constant preoccupation of SEO analysts—was launched in 1998 the company recorded 10,000 searches per day. By 2008, that number had reached 2 billion searches per day. In the time since, Google’s growth trajectory has continued to climb–up, up, up.  For today’s consumer, whether in Toledo, Ohio or throughout the world, search is as going to work daily. But this is only Google, and any smart SEO would quickly point out the truncated nature of focusing on Google alone.  Google is only one piece of the SEO pie.

SEO: Google is only One Consideration

Yahoo! and Bing are major players in the search community. 1/3 of all search traffic occurs within Yahoo or Bing. And while their criteria for ranking sites is similar to Google, they use different methods to determine rank. Smart SEOs must account for these differences. 

YouTube is not technically a search engine, bus aside from Google, more people use YouTube’s search bar than any other search service in the world. SEO companies will give due consideration to optimization opportunities with YouTube, and it’s competitors. SEO techniques for YouTube are distinct from the considerations SEOs make for search engines.

But wait, the current growth of Facebook and Twitter easily out-pace the initial growth of the Internet and Google.
The SEO battle is fought on several fronts. SEO is a dynamic process. The reality of Internet marketing effects Toledo, Ohio as much as anywhere.

SEO: A Dynamic Science

Google, to restrict our example to one concern amongst many, uses a 200 part algorithm. In other words, the task of optimization is an involved and timely process. Google made over 400 changes to its algorithm in 2009–more than one per day. Do you have an in-house SEO expert at your company to monitor these changes? Search engine optimization is a necessary extension of your marketing department. 

Every professional SEO company worth its salt spends time each day monitoring the industry, noting and adapting to the changing landscape of search marketing. When the search market shifts, the changes impact web users from Toledo, Ohio to Hong Kong.

The Internet is the world’s most important marketplace, and its place of importance only increases with time. In a few short years, phone books will be as common as phone booths. If you don’t have an in-house SEO, you need to outsource your SEO concerns to a company with a proven record in search engine optimization and search engine marketing. SEO is the conduit between your web presence and your target market.

SEO: Establishing Your Place in an Emerging Market

Consider this: search is still an emerging market. It’s nowhere near its ceiling. The importance of SEO increases with each month. Establishing a presence on the Internet is far more complicated than simply launching a website. What good is your website if it doesn’t get traffic?

It’s not a question of whether your business needs a website. A website is no less essential than a mailing address. It’s a question of whether you want a visible or invisible website. It’s a question of what kind of presence you want for your Toledo, Ohio business in today’s most important marketplace. A comprehensive SEO strategy is the first step in establishing your Toledo, Ohio company’s presence on the web.  SEO is a crucial, rising, and on-going concern for your Toledo, Ohio business.

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