Putting the tools in the hands of the clients

tool-ladyAt Webcasters, we believe in giving our clients the administrative tools to internally control a variety of important aspects of their Internet solutions.

Through the use of an intranet environment, even your employees who have no prior knowledge of technology can assist with the management of your systems. Some of the activities you can easily perform include reporting, routine content changes and other application manipulation activities.

Webcasters believes that it is crucial to maintain the management of an Internet solution even after the development and deployment has been completed. We understand that it is cost effective to enable our clients to do some maintenance work for themselves.

hand-cpuA content management system and an administrative intranet are included in our package of administrative tools. The content management system makes it easy for your employees to update the content (words and images) of an Internet application.

At Webcasters, we create Internet solutions that work for your company today and in the future. By providing the tools you need to make changes and additions to your system, we’re providing you with cost-effective time savers that will benefit your business for years to come.

For more information on administrative tools, please contact Webcasters atinfo@webcasters.com