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Our clients know they are in good hands because they come in and meet with our staff to develop a personalized search marketing program which includes:

  1. A market and competitor analysis.
  2. A list of relevant keyphrases with high “buyers intent.”
  3. Strategies to target organic and paid keyphrases in the Search Engines.
  4. Conversion strategies.
  5. Landing pages for specific paid traffic.
  6. YouTube videos.
  7. Custom email campaigns with targeted sales copy.
  8. And much more…

Our search marketing program includes more than 6 months of analysis, planning, implementation, testing and evaluating.

Our clients find our greatest services are our monthly phone conferences to analyze traffic and our fast response time.
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Our White Paper
Webcasters not only configures your site to bring relevant traffic, we teach you Search Marketing as part of the process.

How We Work :

  1. Webcasters does not simply submit your site to a million different search engines. We know, through our experience, that Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask are all that matter in most cases.If you want your site submitted to a million search engines we can do it in 10 seconds with our software; however it’s not necessary.
  2. Webcasters does not work with what we learned out of an eBook, because we write the eBooks!Google changed its algorithm 440 times last year; our staff stays on top of what is working through research and what works for our other 98 clients.
  3. Webcasters does not forget about you, our job is just as much client management as Search Marketing, we want your website to succeed now.And while we know you are busy we also know you want more business, we’ll call and remind you when we need something.
  4. Webcasters does not allow its clients to bid on just any keyphrases because they ‘seem right’ at the top of Google. You will quickly find that what you think is the best keyphrase to rank well on might not be what your prospective clients are looking for.We work with you, using our background and our software to find your niche keywords and phrases that get visitors to convert.
  5. Webcasters does not ‘set and forget’ your pay per click account to achieve ‘top rankings.’ We continually monitor your websites analytics and discuss with you monthly recommendations we’ll make for you to get the most out of your website.We become your business’ online marketing department.

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